Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Americans liberate people of Marjah (from their lives)

Greetings,  American infidels !!! I have a message for you from my beleaguered brothers and sisters in Marjah : 

Dear Yankee pigs : your bombs and tanks and other myriad instruments of death and destruction do not scare us. After you is destroy Farooq's Combined Coffee Bar &  Sauna, there is nothing to do in this place anyway, now. If you is really serious of win the hearts and minds, please to bring about 80,000 of the new Maharaja burger, it is really super-delish . Also, please to respect the time-honoured traditions of the simple muslim villagers and stop your shootings between 8 and 9 pm this weekend, when TV is show the final of Afghan Pop Idol.

(Also, there is family no.87 Ali Owliaei Street, they is take out garbage on wrong day and play the loud hip-hop music every days - i think they is def Taliban).

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