Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Another One is Bite Dust

So is another brave Al Qaeda freedom fighter is killed today by the wicked foreign infidels, is very depress. Sometimes I is think of to pack up my high-quality leather man-bag and walkings home to forget the fightings and set up poodle-grooming parlour I is always dream of.

Above is pic of brave Hakim who is fall off side of cliff when he is shoot his AK-47 first time. Here you can see him he is mistake the effigy George Bush for the real Great Satan and is go batshitting crazy. Hey, we is call him brave Hakim, not smart Hakim.

I think we all is have the fond memories of Hakim but i think the most important life wisdoms i gain from know him is this : You is never should share the small cave with man who is love the Pakistan food too much.

Also, not always to believe new guy when he says he will pay for AK-47 as soon as his mother is sell his 4 x 4.

Also, not always to believe guy who is tell you the British must be taking your most special Gillette Hydra Scrub & Body Wash With Power Beads in the night times.

You know, when I am thinking of it, this guy Hakim is a bit of a shit.

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