Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Problems with Malaysian Bloggings

                                   Malaysian Cutie


Okay, sometimes i is look at other bloggings, not just my own, and i is see many bloggings from the Malay peoples (is you know they have the computer in Malaysia ?). Malaysians are Muslim peoples so Moohammed is cannot say he hate Malay bloggings but, bloody hell ! - MALAY PEOPLES !! - please to decide if you is speak Malay or English ! 

Many times i is read the interest post and is like this : "I have been thinking on this for many many months and i think that the meaning of life may be.............tagalog agag mewa loas tol mak am vir blah blah blah...."   

Also this : "So i decided that i would forget that i was a good Muslim girl for a few moments and i stripped out of my bra and panties and  los me kava cansan cholodok mamsata chalafan blah blah blah....."

WTF !!! Is kind of postings is give Moohammed great frustratings and now i is avoid the Malaysian bloggings, sorry.

Also, their flag is look a bit bloody American, innit ?

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