Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My Scottish Cousin

So my cousin is visit from Scotland. I is liking the Scottish people very much, their land is just like Afghanistan you see - is many mountains and drugs and they hate the English too.

Ariana, the world famous Afghan Airlines company is banned by the wicked Europe peoples for the bullshit "safety" reasons.  Yes, sometimes our plane doors is fall off and we is run out of fuel and drop from the sky like the heavy camel dung  but all airplanes is have this problem is no fair for to pick on the Afghan plane and make the Afghan peoples walk to the faraways places. Is take Ameera 6 years to hitchhike Kabul, although is true she is spend year in Turkey play the Tomb Raider game is very addict, Moo is know this. Ameera is no mind the long walkings actually but she is worry her husband in Glasgow is run out of the rooms for 2,000 episode Eastenders he is tape for her.

Anyways,  Ameera finally here - Moo is so glad in his heart for his beloved blood relative to be safe ! Scotland is too violent country with the poor food, the life expectancy is so low, Moo is worry too much for his dear cousin !

We is go disco later.


  1. I is pritty womans and I is loving The Carpenters. We have the loving now, yes? I bring calendar and cumin...!

  2. Yes, Mermaid, you is bring these Carpenters - AND I IS BRING THE AK47 !!!

    I is no blame you. Is hard for hear correctly when you is under the waters.