Friday, 11 December 2009

Is You Stoned Yet ?

Is news to thrill the heart of evry pure-hearted Muslim evrywhere. Aceh province in Indonesia is restart the stonings for the naughty womans who is cheat on her husband with the other man or who is thinking about cheating or who is cheat at the card game or who is attacked by the cheetah or who is eat too many cheetohs.

Ahhh, i is remember the good times in Kabul when we is gather on Saturday night with some hot buttered popcorn and a large rock for a nice stonings. Afghan girl is get many beatings, sometimes she is punch in face as she comes out of the womb so she is strong,  you see,  so is lasting for long times and giving the great values for moneys. Truthfully, i say to you,  i don't know what western people they is do at the night time if they no have any stonings.

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  1. I just dont have any comments. You're a rascal. Truly a man with two brains. Im amazed to see how you can carry two...... er.... no not two but various online personalities.