Sunday, 4 April 2010

Congrats to Jaweed

Is very big congratulations to Jaweed and his lovely wife Adedoja who is get married yesterday. I is very pleased for Jaweed as he is look a bit depressed in last few days and is lose appetite for killings the peoples. At first, we thinks is because his mother and father is blow up by the Pakistani army last year and then his 2 brothers and uncles are killed this month by the Americans and then godson is step on the landmine  but is turn out Jaweed is have the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Here is photo of the lovely couple :


Half hour after party starts, 'Stupid' Ali is fire AK 47 in celebrations , and after little bit, American gunships is arrive and begin the shootings and bombings :

5 minutes later :

Many wedding guests is killed, include Jaweed and Adedoja but apart from this, wedding is go very smooth, food very excellent, Moo is recommending the baked meatballs in the goats cheesy sauce.

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