Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Afghan Romancings

So, Moo is very busy in romance department on the weekends. Have many dates with beauty girls i meet on internet and the beautiful Kabul streets. 

First date is Regina, she is German girl work with Red Cross is very much compassion is like work with sick children etcetera etcera. She is wear the lime-green panties - WOW - is erotic color, is you find also ? Also, is color Pakistan flag. She is enjoy Moohammed's delicate touch is come from time he defuse landmine. You practice, is giving ladies much pleasure ! German girl very nice especially you like the Terminator movie.

Second girl is Emmanuelle, she is France come. Hoping all french girls is like Emmanuelle, she is going like the Khyber steam safari train from Peshawar. Wow ! Is very satisfy !

Last date is Fatimah. She good Afghan girl. Is no make-up, no watch TV, no leave house without escort, no school. Yes, she seem good but is try give Moohammed kiss on cheek at end of date ! Is too hard find the good muslim girl these days. Is Americans - turn world upside down !

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