Sunday, 6 September 2009


Movie Review

Hello,my very good friends. Is very exciting - my first bloggings ! Here in Kabul, electricities is only workings for 5 minutes maximum, so I is quick !

Am watching new movie is play now Kabul, is called "Jaws" - have you heard ? At first I is like this movie americans they is becoming the fast food this time you see ha ha ! But guess what ? Is being direct by the jew Spielberg and do you know ? the 2 jewish actors Scheider and Dreyfuss they is swim away happy and the non-jew Mr Robert Shaw he being munched by the shark like he is the Colonel Sanders super-delish hot wings with the spicy fuck octopus sauce. Sorry, is swear but why is jews no eat too ? (Jews is always not being killed in Spielberg movie, you look "Mr Schindler's List"). Maybe they should be re-naming this movie "Jews". 

Verdict : americans is eaten is good but jews undigested so is Moohammed not fully recomending this movie. Is more jews on menu next time please 

Rating : I is give this movie 3 kebabs out of 5

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